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If you would like your child to have a place at our school please complete the appropriate form for mid academic year admissions available on the Staffordshire County Council website or from the school office.

The closing date for Reception online applications for September 2023 is Sunday 15th January 2023. Staffordshire County Council will notify you direct via email on the 17th April 2023.

The closing date for Nursery applications for September 2023 is the 30th March 2023. We will notify you on the 28th April 2023.

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Pupil Admissions

Consultation by:
In respect of:
Grange School
John of Rolleston Primary School
Outwoods Primary School
William Shrewsbury Primary School

In accordance with School Admissions Regulations 2012 Central Co-operative Learning Trust wishes to hear your views on its proposed admission arrangements for 2022/23.
We would like to draw your attention to the following areas of proposed change to those arrangements that were determined by the schools for 2021/22.
William Shrewsbury Primary School; no material change has been made to 2019/20 arrangements. For further details about the consultation please see the attached consultation document below.

You can find further details about how to join our school by following the tabs below. The School Prospectus contains much of the information you will need when your child joins our school. You will find a copy of our current school admissions policy in the second tab and a link to the Staffordshire website with details about how to apply for a place.

School Admissions

Admission Arrangements for William Shrewsbury Primary School 2022 - 2023Admissions consultation document 2022-2023 Admissions consultation document 2020-2021Admission Arrangements for William Shrewsbury Primary School 2020-2021Admission Arrangements for William Shrewsbury Primary School 2019-20 Admission Arrangements for William Shrewsbury Primary School 2018-2019

Mid Year Admissions

If you require a place for your child in Years 1 to 6 please follow the link to download a mid-year application form. Once it is completed, give it to your child’s current school to complete Section 4. Once that is completed, send the form to the school office for us to process.


Nursery Admissions

Admissions for Nursery are now being accepted. Please download an application form and letter and return them to the school office. Alternatively, please contact the office on 01283 247490 or office2@williamshrewsbury.staffs.sch.uk and this information can be emailed to you or provided in paper format. The closing date for applications is 5th March 2022. Offer letters will be posted to parents on 15th March 2022.

Nursery Application Letter September 2022Nursery Application Form September 2022Nursery 2022 Session Preference Sheet

Reception Admissions

Applications for Reception 2023 have now closed. If you wish to make a late application, please follow the link below and contact the School Admissions team at Staffordshire County Council.


Admission Arrangements for William Shrewsbury Primary School 2022 - 2023


Please click below for a copy of our current school prospectus.

William Shrewsbury Primary School Prospectus