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William Shrewsbury Primary School

Welcome to William Shrewsbury Primary School

Our vision for our children can be explained using our emblem of the acorn. If an acorn receives water, light and nutrients, it grows strong roots. It grows a sturdy and resilient trunk and reaches out for light in every direction. We want to ensure that, like acorns, our children receive the care and nurture to grow into fully rounded individuals. Our teaching of values and our Five Golden Rules enables the children to develop strong roots so that they can always hold on to what is right. Our teaching of Building Learning Power, Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education and Growth Mindset help them to grow a strong, resilient core like the trunk of a tree. We provide them with a broad and balanced curriculum with exciting and engaging activities to encourage them to branch out their knowledge in all directions and provide enrichment activities so that they can truly flourish.

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MELANIE MURFIN - Headteacher
MATT RUNACUS - Deputy Headteacher

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